E-Health Solutions, Inc. provides advanced technical solutions to meet the needs of organizations throughout the world.

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Our Mission

E-Health Solutions, Inc. will consistently deliver unparalleled service with unwavering commitment to technical excellence, continuing education and consistent delivery of solutions which serve our client's best interests.

Company Profile

E-Health Solutions, Inc. (EHS) is an advanced network development and operations company with offices in key cities throughout the United States. The company business is centered in the growing health care industry with focus on project development and management for hardware and software systems which answer the needs of telehealth and related communication requirements.

From the desk of our President .....

EHS designs, implements and operates vital Internet and telecommunications infrastructures for today's progressive healthcare providers. We create new levels of efficiency in clinical, educational and telehealth applications. In fact, no one understands the communications and technological needs of healthcare providers better than E-Health Solutions, Inc.

Working together, our team of experienced medical and technology professionals develop customized Internet and telecommunications tools to help you increase revenue, reduce costs, improve and manage cash flow, expand your network and enhance patient care.

Whether the solution is an ASP services model to provide administrative/business, clinical and educational applications to your facility from our servers or to assist you in the selection, setup and management of your own client server model, EHS can help.

EHS is currently managing roughly 16 million dollars of grants and contracts geared to technology implementation in both rural and urban healthcare environments.

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Use high security to quickly contact thousands of people in the event of crisis. The same system provides ideal communication between agencies, fire, police, hospitals ...


Tap the power of internet medical data with a simple search engine that quickly scans the best available resources.


The role of Telemedicine in endocrine health

Telemedicine has been spurred to some extent by the Affordable Attention Act, which is funneling additional patients into a system plagued by physician shortages. Greatest Non-English Language Video John, MD The vast majority of management (90 percent) report that the organizations have already started developing or utilizing a telemedicine program.

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Simply getting started and don't accurately what you need?AMD Global Telemedicine focuses on helping you define your telemedicine products and technological innovation that make sense for your specific application 1st, so we can help you accomplish your ultimate telemedicine plan goals. There's been some sort of proliferation of attached devices that all have got easy connectivity to your cloud and wide open APIs for sharing, he said.

The board also examines essential elements of an evaluation along with considers relevant problems with quality, accessibility, and cost of health care. These studies also looked at options of organizations to get telemedicine products and services in the next 12 to 24 months. Grow access to affordable attention. My primary care doctor is not supposed to give me the email address and he does not get paid for looking at the image of my toe of the feet, but he did both gladly about request.

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NLM is the principal funder of the studies. This Oregon Health & Scientific disciplines University Telemedicine Network provides immediate patient having access to pediatric, neonatal, stroke, tension, neurosurgery and other specialists during Oregon 24/7. The popular use of telemedicine requires doctors to be willing to convert the look and feel of the standard, in-person patient visit. Space is limited.

The Electronic health record is 2014 edition-certified and has all of the components necessary to match meaningful use. Rightslink Purchaser CareTel (toll free).

International Community for Telemedicine and eHealth

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